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We provide comprehensive service in terms of technical advice and sales but also on financing. To satisfy needs of our Customers and make the purchase procedure comfortable, we have created a complete and unique insurance system. We offer competitive OC,AC,NW packages on attractive terms followed by the simplified procedure:

  • Customer chooses the most suitable insurance package,
  • Our experienced Finance Advisor prepares necessary documentation and drafts the contract.

Insurance customized to your needs gives warranty for possible future technical repairs in the authorized service point.

It is worth checking insurance offers at our Finance Advisor’s upon vehicle purchase.

Civil Liability Insurance (OC)

Civil liability insurance (OC) in respect of the use of vehicles covers insurance against any damage to third parties. This type of insurance is obligatory for all vehicles registered in Poland.

OC and AC package

This insurance package is a comprehensive motor insurance covering common risks related to the use of vehicles. It comprises of civil liability insurance (OC), auto casco insurance (AC), accident and casualty insurance (NNW), insurance against theft, assistance (free tolling), and green card insurance.

Property insurance

Property insurance of houses provides protection against most risks related to theft, burglary, robbery, fire, inundation, floods, hurricane, lightning, external explosions, hail, spacecraft fall, avalanche, earthquakes and other civil liability and accident or casualty liabilities of a private person. Additionally, we provide health insurances.

OC and property insurance for business

This insurance is aimed at every person whose economic activity may be bound to civil liability related to any damage that resulted from conducting this activity or owing the property. We also provide comprehensive insurance for business properties and means of transport. We also offer sophisticated business insurances for companies such as:

  • OC for professional carriers
  • Cargo- transported property insurance
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