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We offer a wide range of cars and you are more than certain to find your dream car with us.

Experienced and skilled salesmen will do their best to assist you in choosing the most suitable car based on your preferences and possibilities. If your desire is to purchase a car which is not available in our garage at the moment, we will overcome this obstacle.

We can import cars on demand according to our Customers’ preferences and from reliable sources.

Wide range of makes, comprehensible service, flexible and professional approach- all these and more –guarantee that your car is within your reach

We are always at your disposal!
- have queries regarding vehicles?
- want to order a car?
- need more information on loans, lease,   insurance?
via phone 507 101 830 or email:

Get to know us: our Customers deal with experienced salesmen and car professionals when they call or visit us, but most importantly they meet a great team